Self Management

Self management is the key to any type of Management. It is the key to SUCCESS & HAPPINESS. Have you noticed that many of our problem areas start with SELF.

Self Assessment, Self Awareness, Self Belief, Self Confidence, Self Control, Self Concept, Self development, Self Discipline, Self Doubt, Self Ego, Self Esteem, Self Ideal, Self Image, Self Reflection, SELF SABOTAGE, Self Worth ….. to name a few.

Our endeavor at PERSONA PRIMERS is to help in handling these issue through Self Management
Self Management Capsule

  1. Aim of Self Management
  2. Managing Ego
  3. Managing Heads & Hearts
  4. Managing Change
  5. Managing Minds
  6. Meditation
  7. Leadership Attitude
  8. Transformational Change
  9. MIS of Self
  10. Will Power
  11. Inner Conflicts
  12. Knowledge and Wisdom
  13. Leadership
  14. Purpose of Life
  15. Developing Focus for Transformation
  16. Addressing Barriers
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