Behavioural Skills

• The importance of honing THE Behavioural Skills is growing day by day.
• In the corporate world there is a marked transition from being ‘generic’ and ‘good to have’ to being a ‘pre-requisite’ requirement.
• The shift in perception is not without reason.
• Organisations across the globe have realised that professionals with just technical skills only partly complement the essentials of being a ‘complete professional’.
• It is now believed that the most successful people in a company are not the ones who possess the best technical skills but those who manage their emotions as well as those of their co-workers – the best!

Benefits: The Behavioural Skills Workshop will enable the students to:

  • Identify behavioural skills required for promoting competence in various departments
  • Appreciate the importance of building a positive attitude and emotional intelligence to develop a positive work culture in the organization
  • Appreciate and apply the principles of interpersonal communication
  • Learn to develop strategies for dealing with stress and behaviour related problems

Tips & techniques to deal with employees:-

  • Under Stress
  • Having time related difficulties
  • Not able to integrate into the organization
  • Having issues with working in teams
  • Having attitude related problems

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